Led Zeppelin Essentials Playlist From Apple Music for Qobuz and Tidal



Led Zeppelin Essentials?

You mean 1-4, In through the out door, and Presence… done :slight_smile:

Nah, you need Physical Graffiti as well, and Houses of the Holy come to think of it :wink:

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Have a listen to Beth Hart’s tribute to Led Zep, which was released last Friday (25/2). It’s really good, and pretty true to the original spirit I think.

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you know, i actually meant physical graffiti rather than (ITTOD) but had a brain fart.

ITTOD is pretty dire, and i’d take HOTH over it any day of the week.

so… 1-4, ITTOD, presence and (maybe) HOTH.

But, and most importantly, you have to pretend Coda never happened

The Deluxe Edition with “Hey Hey What Can I Do” is worth it for that song alone, imho.

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I didn’t make this playlist, I just transferred it from Apple Music. But, you’re quite welcomed.

I bought the box set long ago to get that song basically.

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