Leedh Processing - Perfect Digital Volume Control?

I don’t know why you guys are getting all worked up about this. I was simply asking whether Roon knew about this and if there were any plans. Nothing wrong about that.

We will find out soon enough whether it holds up to its promises or not… In the meantime, give it a rest.

Yep. Wait and see!

There is some technical information here:

Although I am aware of Darko’s involvement with the ‘other’ technology that Mr Bates is referring to above. So I remain a little cautious. Taking the article at face value though, it does look promising.

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My reason for thinking this might just be the real thing and no gimmick is the fact that Soulution has implemented it in their DACs.

No news from this “perfect digital volume control”… Anybody knowing what’s happening? Commercial issue? Performance issue?

Now implemented on 3D Lab (french company) and soon on Lumiin …

More information : http://www.living-leedh.com/?p=6587

Leedh Processing Volume (an EUR5000 optional feature from another manufacturer) is now available as a free upgrade for Lumin product line:


So a real difference SQ … to integrate directly into Roon instead of the 64b float algorithm ?

Just curious how many people are using digital volume control. I have two setups, my office rig is sitting right next to me so I just reach over and turn the knob. My music room amp has a remote. So, with the exception of a couple of Sonos speakers, I never use digital volume control. Considering the sound quality of the Sonos, the volume control has no effect.

Assuming Roon DSP engine and volume leveling are turned off: with Lumin running RAAT, Roon Core tells the Lumin endpoint the volume value to use via RAAT. Lumin then applies its own digital volume. In this scenario Roon 64-bit volume is not applied.

Peter provided a link to some documents, I commented, but there are two threads going. Here is my note in the other thread:

I do not have a lumin and I use an RME ADI-2 DAC which has a volume management by remote control (DSP inboard) but not manageable by Roon.
On the other hand, I use the Roon autolevel to avoid differences in levels (> 18LUFS, especially with Roon radio)
I asked the question because if Leedh processing was superior in quality to Roon 64b float, it could replace it.
2 things: if the superiority is demonstrated and if Roon … agrees to pay the license. :wink:

What happens to Leedh processing, if I actually DO have the DSP engine on (for room correction)? I am tempted by Leedh, but would not want to give up DSP …

Roon Core will perform DSP first. After receiving music data via RAAT, Lumin will perform Leedh Processing Volume.

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Thanks, Peter! That helps.

Referring to the title “Perfect Digital Volume Control?” I would have to reply with a resounding “YES!”
As it is these days - I had quite some time available for tinkering with my system and so I activated Leedh on my Lumin D2 (with LPS) and took the pre-amp (Pass XP-10) out of the chain.
I did not really expect much from the change (especially after a few hickups in the beginning, which were entirely my own fault), but what can I say …?
I was totally blown away by the difference in sound!
What followed may be a bit exaggerated, but I actually bought an X1 and put aside the D2 and XP-10 for sale. My system now sounds better than I would have ever thought possible and I am absolutely stunned by the difference!
And no: I am in no way affiliated with Lumin.


Super! what is your amplifier?

Bel Canto Ref 1000 monoblocks feeding Magnepan 3.7s.

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There is a new way to control Leedh processing volume (and all of Roon) which I have tried and am super-impressed with.
Details can be found here:

It works like a charm with my X1!