Left and right channels randomly swapped with HQP convolution

I am using HQPlayer as upsampler in my Roon setup on a Mac Mini 2012 and I am really enjoying the increase in sound quality.

My living room has two opposing hard walls that create some reverberation at about 3000 Hz, so I am using the convolution option in HQP to dial that frequency down a bit.
I made a single 192 kHz impulse wav with REW. Works very well!

In my tweaking efforts I sometimes make another impulse wav and load it in HQP. I point HQP at the same wav for left and right convolution. After that I find out that the left and right channels have been (randomly) changed. I found it out because I also use HQP to change the left-right balance a bit by reducing the left channel by 1.5 dB. That is then applied to the wrong channel.
I am using HQP 3.14.1

Any thoughts or similar experiences?

Have you checked that the “Limited” counter stays 0? I just released 3.14.3, so you could check if the problem persists. If it does, please send me a HQPlayer log file of full playback session.

Hi Jussi,

Where can I find the “Limited” counter?
I will check the latest HQP release.


It’s under the toolbar at the top, in the TIME window.
There is a list of items: