Left/Right Balance Options

I’m in my Roon 2 week trial period.
Mostly, I’m loving it.
One thing missing from my system is any left/right balance control.
I don’t have it on my amp’s front panel (Peachtree Nova150).
Mac OS or iOS does provide software balance control, but Roon seems to defeat/bypass them. So I can’t control it through Audio Midi or the Sound system preferences.
What are some good options (other than moving my speakers and easy chair around)?

I think if you go to Audio Setup, enable “System Output” and then select it (after giving it a name) as your audio endpoint, then it will be the same with you being able to use the system controls. You’ll just be losing bit perfect playback, but, that has always been the case anytime you use the OS sound mixer.

Yes indeed. Thank you, David!

I enabled System Output and named it “Mini Music Server”.
Then, on the front panel of my Peachtree Nova150 amp, I pressed and held the USB-B input selector for several seconds. This engages “volume control bypass input mode” on the amp (causing it to pass volume control to a digital source with its own volume control).
Now I can log remotely into my Mac Mini, open Audio Midi, and adjust each channel level.
This is quite a bit more trouble than an old school L/R balance knob on the amp … but it works.

Glad you got it sorted. :smiley: