Legacy going anywhere soon? Hoping not

How long will legacy be operational. I don’t want to upgrade my computer as it runs 1.8 like a dream. Thanks, M

If you don’t want Roon 2.0, you need to go with Roon 1.8 Legacy while you can. It will get upgrades until at least 12/31/2022. After that, the jury is still out, but it will work as long as it works.

I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon, just no further development.

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In case you are not a lifetime subscriber, IMHO it depends on how long you are willing to pay for software that isn’t supported anymore…

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Forever if I can keep my 2008 mac.

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1.8 Legacy will be supported beyond end of 2022 if there are sufficient users. I’m on it and hope to be so for some time to come.

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I have no use for V 2.0 new features , ARC and Apple silicon BUT I did update to 2.0

I am a believer that keeping up to date is the right thing to do , @Jim_F is correct in that date (it was stated on some docs somewhere on the forum) but that’s only 3 months away. A software company trying to keep 2 versions running in parallel is a version control nightmare and it is likely that 1.8 will be dropped soon. They are just allowing a breathing space for people to allow the initial bugs to be fixed after much bad press of not allowing roll back after previous updates.

It’s also likely that any new features added will go into V2.0 only (can’t say for sure obviously but that would make development sense to me, retrofitting adds to the dev workload)

Look at Audirvana as a parallel, they launched Audirvana Studio but 3.5 is still active. In the last 12 months or so 3.5 has had no love at all, I really can’t see 1.8 Legacy being any different .

The only limitation as far as I can see is the need for a permanent internet connection with 2.0 which you no doubt have to run Roon anyway.

I run ROCK on a NUC and it upgraded without a hitch and has run perfectly since

“Bite the Bullet” :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I’m not not sure they can ever ‘drop’ 1.8 Legacy, as it would potentially force a lot of (expensive?) hardware upgrades. That could cause a lot of resentment. I can see that they could drop support for it, but I’m not sure they could just take it out of existence for people who have paid lifetime subs. Annual sub people could choose to drop Roon.

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I really hope they keep legacy as it is. No issues the holes are filled and it just works. No more updates. But that’s just my wish list

I don’t see it as any different to any other software that has to adapt to newer Operating Systems.

Using macOS as an example, once the vast majority of users have moved to machines that don’t require Rosetta then it makes no sense for the software developer to keep supporting it.

According to Danny they have no plans to remove 1.8 Legacy, but they do have plans to drop support at some point in the future.

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Where did you see that ?

I would like to see it

It was in the original release notes.

Also in the Migration FAQ:

For how long can I use 1.8?

Roon will provide ongoing support for 1.8 installation for some time after the release of 2.0, depending on the Roon 2.0 adoption rates. However, if you are more comfortable using Roon 1.8, you can always continue to run it on your own after the official support period ends.


Sorry, that’s where I read it. Thanks for the link!