Let ROCK create a WiFi network

Hi there. We’re optimizing the energy consumption in our household. We decided to turn off the DSL/Wifi Router (9 Watt) at night. Well, then I can’t control the NUC anymore with my iPad. Is there a way to configure ROCK to be a WiFi host, so I can login with my iPad directly into that NUC network?

Or is there at least a way to control the NUC via USB (Play/Pause, Next, Previous)?

no, theoretically it could have ad-hoc instead of AP config – but this is a really unusual use case.

none exist at the moment.

This seems a bit wrong to me… 9W is a very small amount of energy. An average indoor incandescent light bulb is about 7 times that.

9Watt x 10 hours x 365 days == 32.85kWh used yearly.

German electricity costs about 40 cents per kWh. Turning it off at night is saving you about $13.14 per year.

What am I missing?


I guess you can’t have everything…I’ve heard of people turning off all their gear that has BT and WiFi to avoid the emi it generates too…but seriously :neutral_face: if it disrupts your life so much to have it not working then you will just have to turn it on and get over it. Everything comes at a cost sooner or later.

Thanks for your answers. I know I’m exotic here when I look at every Watt. :smile: Well, it’s not about saving money, but saving energy, CO2 etc. After the last broken standard bulb has been replaced by a led bulb, we have no bulb that consumes more than 7 watt. But anyway, if we would just save 10 € a year, it’s an extra album a year. :joy:

I power down the WiFi on a schedule at night. And we shut a lot of cell transmission stuff down. If it was just me I wouldn’t bother but with a little one around you think differently… there’s still a lot of research going on about young brains, and even adult brains, quality of sleep, and other health things. We probably won’t know the answers for quite some time so it pays to hedge your bets.

Like is said above, it’s not all about the money…

If I need to adjust a Roon zone after 2am I’m screwed, but you get used to it and plan around it. Just embrace the lack of control @Tekl, if you really want to control Roon keep a wired networked computer ready to be fired up (bleary eyed usually for me).

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Just curious, but how much plastic do you use?

Taking any steps towards actively trying to help the planet, rather than being complacent or taking the easy route should be applauded… Presumably most people that give a *** do so in many areas. I know I do. Curious as to your question.

We use far less plastic then two years ago. We redruced our plastic waste from around one garbage bag (Gelber Sack in Germany) a week to one garbage bag in four weeks and it’s often not really full. For cosmetics we reduced our plastic to zero as we don’t use fluid products anymore. We also buy lots of food without a packaging these days. Most electrics and tools we own is durable, repairable and made of materials like wood, metal or glas.

I know, that there are more effective subjects for optimization than a WiFi router. But that’s only one aspect we try.

Also the savings are relative. For someone with two cars and flying around the world every year, it would be a lot more helpful to just cancel one flight. But we don’t fly and have no car. Saving 50 kWh a year by just turning off the router when we don’t use it is a lot for us.

Maybe I’ll replace ROCK with a standard Linux to get more control of my NUC. But I really like most aspects and the easy setup of ROCK.


Plastic, from both a landfill aspect and it’s manufacture is far worse for the planet than wasting 9 watts of electricity.

It’s easier to turn off a light bulb or put products in recycling bins than to give up plastic.

If that’s true, then you are already aware of the harm plastics cause

So, now I’m curious as to why you’re curious because it reads like you’re trying to pick a fight.

And there is the common excuse for not doing what one feels should be done.

That’s totally true, but I need time to do this. I’ve to organize a display to reinstall the OS, I’ve to choose the right distri, I’ve to learn how to configure and use Linux and I have to include time for a rollback or to switch to Windows. It already was a big step to switch from the 160W iMac to the 18W NUC.


I hear you, but you must recognize the irony in complaining that once the router is turned off you can’t control ROCK thru your iPad.

That’s OK, I don’t want to live in a cave, either.:smile:

That was the reason, why I asked if ROCK can create a network by its own (like macOS). The answer was No, so maybe this thread should end here now. :grin:

No, seemed like you were…

FWIW I’m a greenpeace (and many other environmental) supporter and donator for much of my life, and have made adjustments to my life to protect the environment - but am far far from perfect. That said, many people reducing tiny amounts of power wastage is important. 50kW/h per year x billions is quite a lot of energy saved. It all counts, and nothing should be belittled.

But I may have midunderstood. What’s your energy, co2 and plastics usage? If you’re in the US and you’re an average person you’re statistically one of the most wasteful people on the planet so hopefully are also watching your plastics and energy consumption etc.

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