Let users define how they want to consume their music

I think 1.8 really missed the mark on improving the discography page. While roon allows for very complete meta data as far as bootleg, live, EP, single, etc. roon dictates how that metadata can be used by forcing the breakup of albums across categories. Well, across some categories.

Why not give your users the power to make use of those categories as they see fit? Let me slice and dice the discography the way I think of music. I much prefer to see the artists progression over time. I want to see the outtakes right next to the released album. I like to see the concerts when they happened and hear the evolution of songs over time.

Now my discographies are a disjointed mess and the only way I see to fix this is to remove the bootleg category and list them all as main albums. I already have to hack the release date in order to get everything ordered by recording date and it’s a hassle. (pro tip: when users start hacking data in order to overcome a UI limitation, there’s a feature just waiting to happen). Unless roon has a very strong opinion on why we should be thinking of and consuming our music this way, why not make it more user definable rather than prescriptive? The underpinnings are all there. There’s potentially a very powerful feature here.



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