Let's share some music

So Roon is a great way of discovering music but sometimes one just wants something totally random.

So let’s see if this will gain some traction.

a Tidal playlist, max 10 songs, max once a month submission.

My selection for your edification are 10 songs that have cropped up over the past few weeks that got me groovin’ or thinking, now that’s something special.

The link doesn’t look great but seems to work. If you favourite the playlist in Tidal and then sync Tidal in Roon, it’s there for you to play in Roon in glorious stereophonic sound.

make sure you have shared playlist selected.



Some really interesting stuff on your playlist John.

Thanks for sharing!


Love the Fisherman’s Blues. One of my fave all time tracks.

Bernard Purdie: great, features in Steely Dan of course, the “Purdie Shuffle” in Babylon Sisters and Home At Last (one of my all time faves from SD).

Ill try and post a list also.


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Hopefully this will work…an eclectic mix… enjoy :slight_smile:

The Christy Moore is a gem, live version, with some great irish humour at the beginning :slight_smile:

Desireless is a maybe a less known track off that album which was big in the early 2000’s; it features Eagle-Eye’s dad, Don on Trumpet, quite jazzy, fantastic.

Gov’t Mule’s version of Cortez is fab, not quite as good as the DMB version with Warren Haynes in New York, but that’s not on tidal sadly.


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Ok, I’ll bite! A mix of different catchy songs, mostly pop/dance…

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I thought that feature is just for sharing within your instance of Roon among different profiles.

Let’s see if this works…


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An interesting mix of stuff I knew well, didn’t know at all and had forgotten!

One from the last 2 categories got added to Roon

Regional issues affected 2 of them

Thanks for sharing.



What’s so funny 'bout… excellent choice.

Cookie’ on 3 burners added to my library.

Thanks for sharing.


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Ooh. I didn’t know that Gov’t Mule had done Cortez the Killer!
Good job my wife is out this evening then :slight_smile: