Let's talk about extensions

(Harry ten Berge) #1

So, recently we’ve added support for extensions to RoPieee. Right now only the alarm clock extension is being shipped.

Would be interested to know if:

  1. people are using it
  2. there are more extensions that should be included


(Mike) #2

Harry, how? I’d like to use the usb griffin powermate as a volume knob, but the scarce instructions aren’t clear for a beginner.

(Dick Vliek) #3

Not really interested in this Harry, I use Ropieee for its simplicity. I hope the goal of ropieee (no user intervention necessary) is maintained.

(Harry ten Berge) #4

yes it will. this is the number 1 goal and it will remain like that.

That’s also the reason why I was very reluctant to add an extension.

(Nathan Wilkes) #5

Unsurprisingly, I am using the Alarm Clock extension. I don’t use any other extension though.

I agree with the prime directive of simplicity and stability, so I would never want an extension to interfere with that goal. Yet, in a way, the display functionality is “extra”, but in my Roon setup essential. So, I can envision a set of key extensions in RoPieee, if they are rock solid and add to the fundamental Roon experience.

Thanks @spockfish.

(Frans Keylard) #6

I would love different default screens, like those available in the defunct Logitech Squeezebox Touch which has several views, including a super nice VU meter and other visual pop.

Within Roon there are real-time Lyrics support, Bio pic, Album Review, credits. Plenty of stuff to really integrate further with Roon.

(Alex Z. ) #7

I like it simple and stable, which is why i like and use RoPieee. Used Squeezebox and LMS for 20 years before Roon and never ever needed any extensions on the Squeezebox. At least didn’t use it. But I did use and dismiss overblown LMS client software like that German Aroio on Raspberry, that includes room correction and digital filters on the raspberry and simply breaks when you are playing HiRes files. Raspberry to my experience doesn’t have the computing power to hold more than basic tasks.

(Koen Lensink) #8

I second the griffin powermate volume control!