Let's talk Zones

Bathroom Pair - 2 Insignia CC speakers paired to stereo - No DSP

CCA Lizzie - CCA in my daugters room playing through a set of Active Sony Speakers, used for the whole house group also - No DSP

cooking group - JBL Playlist+CCA on Main system (used when we are cooking LOL) - DSP- Main system downsampled to 44/48

Desk Amp - CCA analog out into Massdrop O2 into AKG K-400s - DSP - EQ matched to AKGs

Home Group - Main (CCA) + kitchen (JBL Playlist) + bathroom (Insignia pair) + Workout Room (CCA) + Bedroom (Zone 2 on Main) + upstairs (Lizzie’s CCA)

New CCA - Main system (CCA optical- Marantz 7013) * not used for normal listening, only for whole house grouping) - DSP - downsampled to 44/48

Kitchen Speaker - JBL Playlist - No DSP

remote Allo (Roon Grouped Zone) - RPI running flirc remote + Allo USBridge>Khadas ToneBoard>Marantz 7013>Emotiva A300>ELAC uB5+SVS SB1000 - DSP - EQ and auto leveling

Ropiee bedroom - ropiee+digi+pro hat>Khadas ToneBoard>Schiit Magni>Massdrop 6xxx headphones DSP - EQ matched for sen6xxx


Bathroom, a Pulse Mini although this one wanders around the house.

Bedroom, A Meridian MS2oo into a pure DAB Radio thing. Audio books generally to send me to sleep.
Conservatory, My Pulse 2 which sounds lovely and gets a lot of use in the summer fro Roon and TV,
iPad occasionally gets the Meridian Explorer 2 treatment.
Kitchen Pulse Mini makes a great zone.
Lounge is my main system for the DSP5200SE’s glorious… I use another Meridian MS200 to link this to the kitchen zone via optical.
No DSP on anything, I just don’t feel the need for it.