Letter to David (Gilmour)

Dear David,
I just watched your concert at Pompeii (on DVD), would you and Rogers (Waters) stop exploiting the name of… you know… I thing You did not even remember meaning of lyrics The Money anymore, but you played it… When did you last watched … at Pompeii. Just leave history as it is, are you really have no new ideas, but dragging and pulling what ever is left from… and I hope you don’t need money, but if you do, you have a lousy accountant, I think Syd Barrett would have something to say about that. Question, he left the … you made sort of in memorial to him with Shine on…, but you never even think to invite him to do gig with you, or maybe he just did not want to be comfortably numb (he died at 2006), oh by the way, little bird told me it’s because of you ( check that in last.fm) If you find some time, you can visit me and we can talk :wink:
All the best, Boris

Just stop, please…