Lexical order of albums

I would like to have a separate entry for each album with which you can influence the lexical order in the album list.

An example:

Artist: “Pat Metheny Group”

I don’t want it sorted under “P” but under “M” like “Metheny”. Then it would even be possible to sort your own.

For this it would need an extra entry that becomes active as soon as you enter something there.

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THere is an option in Settings>General to chose Sort by Last name or first Name

Not sure how the work with in your example

Sorting by last name does work surprisingly well, but I support the original request. I’d like a file tag that I could put in an arbitrary string that’s used for sorting. I wish foobar2000 had that capability.

There is such a tag, but I am unsure whether Roon uses it. Easy enuf to test, though.

Here are the sort tags in my library (Yate is the tagger).

Thanks. I’ll have to play with it. Even if it doesn’t work in Roon, but works in foobar, or other players, it’d be useful

Thanks John_V, this is exactly what I want. I use mp3tag and I will have a look if this tag can also set with it. Hopefully Roon will support this in the future.

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Here’s what I’ve done. I’ve selected sort by last name. Then I edited some entries based on last name. So Pat Metheny becomes Metheny, Pat. Then Pat Metheny Group becomes Metheny Group, Pat. If you look at the edit options for artists you’ll see an option for Last-First Sort Name. Simply edit that entry as necessary. This way you’ll have Pat Metheny, Pat Metheny Group, Pat Metheny Trio, and Pat Metheny Unity Group all together, which is what I think you’re after.