Libaryscan analysis Qnap Snapshots

I run Roon core on Qnap. Having up to 17k titles in a seperat path on Nas (/Musik). First Libaryscan took 3 days. Roon remote shows more than 330 k titles. It has identical Versions of the same title up to 18 times. Each snapshot is shown as a sibgle title. I use snapshot on the Qnap for saftey reasons. Qnap will store the snapshots and the original files in the same folder.
How can i prevend roon for searching in snapshots.
Sorry, i know my english is poor😄

I’m not a QNAP expert, but might this be relevant?

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Thx, i try this option and will tell tje results later

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Thx to DDPS! Hide the snapshot works fine. Roon Starts to reduce titles in libary after hiding snapshot in root directory where my music ist stored. To have a hint from roon would have been nice.:wink:

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@Olaf_Schroder , great to hear. We all support each other around here :smiley:

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