Library always being scanned?

Why music library is always being scanned which is odd. The blue wheel in the upper right corner constantly spins. It is eating at my CPU and its performance. How can I change this?

Is this a new Library ? Still analysing ?

Are you making changes to tags externally maybe

Maybe describe your system in more detail , not a lot to go at here

Have you tried Rebooting the core and the networking gear from scratch. The Metadata Provider error is often caused by not being connected to Roon as the core starts up.


Close down Roon
Close Down Network
Restart Network
Allow 5 -10 minutes to stabilize
Restart Roon Core

Could help.

Tried all that. I deleted the NAS and am using a HD only but still have the same phenomenon:

The Metadata improver error is a known issue, probably caused by a misconnection

Did you shut the network down, I find that list above fixes it.

Especially waiting until the network has stabilised before starting Roon , if you connection isn’t sound, Roon will start but not connect properly to its cloud sources

Did all that and still scanning mindlessly.