Library drive formats for ROCK?

I’m currently using EXfat format on my external USB HDD connected to my NUC-ROCK.

What other formats does ROCK support, and are there any advantages / disadvantages to other formats?

Also, is there any advantage to using a RAID as a library drive (I’m currently using one as a backup).


exFAT is the recommended format for external storage on ROCK. It causes the least issues.

ROCK also supports Window’s NTFS, macOS’s HFS(+), Linux’s ext4, and probably whatever others the Linux kernel supports. However, there can be issues with NTFS at least if it’s not cleanly unmounted, HFS(+) can’t be written, NTFS/HFS/ext4 cannot easily be accessed when connecting the drive to Mac/Win, and so on. Use exFAT.

EDIT - List from docs:

I believe the recommended format is exFat as it’s the most portable between various OS.

I had my external drive formatted exFAT , I changed to NTFS (don’t ask) both worked equally well

I did format in Windows the put the empty drive in my NUC and copied to it via the NUC , not sure if it made any difference

BTW Roon OS 2.0 had a new NTFS/FAT driver

Personally, I would continue to use a NAS (RAID or not) as backup for locally-attached drives to your ROCK. I see no advantage to having your Watched Folders on a NAS, a) because there are more things to go wrong and b) because if you have a NAS, then you need to have a Backup strategy in place for the NAS (RAID is not Backup).

Got it - I suspected as much, and all my USB drives are exFAT.