Library issues with Moby

I am a Moby fan, have 41 albums, plus many albums from TIDAL.

I am having the hardest time with the library.

  • If I search for “Moby” I find a bunch of albums under the artist, but not all. For example, Wait For Me (one of the best in my opinion) doesn’t show.
  • If I search for Wait For Me, I find the album. Then I click on the Moby hyperlink on the iPad, it takes me back to the Moby artist page, and the stpd f*cking album is not there anymore.

Jeezus. Very frustrating.

One possible issue might be Moby is “aka” UHF, Voodoo Child, DJ Cake, Lopez, but why should this matter?

BTW… The metadata in my files is up to snuff, this is not the problem. If for example I use Audirvana, it is all as it should.

@miguelito I have that album and a search for Moby finds all my Moby albums including Wait For Me.