Librettos on Roon

Just listening to a resplendent Pavarotti singing with Freni on a wonderful Manon Lescaut recording and thinking wouldn’t it be just great to have the libretto to hand, through Roon. C’mon guys. What a great feature this would be for the classical enthusiasts amongst us. I’ve asked before. With Qobuz on the horizon this would be a real hit.please make it happen.

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Yes please! Preferably Real Time Libretto Lyrics, like the song lyrics in the new Display functionality :slight_smile:


For Pavarotti “10 ft. UI” should then probably not relate to screen distance but screen width. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More seriously librettos / lyrics for classical would be nice - but I doubt that besides getting that data from the labels - when / if they include the data on booklets - there’s a good source for this out there. The only label I know of that already provides this digitally somehow is hyperion. They include the booklet texts in the lyrics tag of their download files, like this: