Librettos with opera

The opportunity to attach pdf files with music files on ROON is an excellent feature I am using a lot both to add more info on albums, add reviews and with operas, to add librettos. The libretto, displayed on screen, is a lot easier to read than the small print in booklets so is a very worthwhile addition.

Many, but not all, librettos are available on the net for this purpose - something which brings me to this post. I have (VERY) laboriously scanned in, page by page, the English translation of a few opera librettos that are not on the net and assembled them into a large WORD file which is easily converted to pdf.

So I wonder what the copyright situation is if a few of us could get together to share these librettos. I would be happy to share my work with others and hope they would reciprocate. I guess this would have to be a private arrangement between ROON opera lovers and could not be seen under a ROON umbrella?

If that is the case I invite anyone interested to get in touch with me at but would welcome any other suggestions how this could work with ROON some other way.

I hope this is not treading on anyone’s toes - I’m sure I’ll soon hear if that is the case!!

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