License check at the start of loading instead of end of DB load

Currently, the license check is apparently performed towards the end of the database load.

This is quite annoying to me, as I have two cores - one at home and one at my office machine. I never use the two of them at the same time.

The issue is when I’m switching I have to wait for the DB to load, then I’m faced with the dialog requesting to switch the license, and then I get the notification that I need to restart because of the metadata optimizer.

Can’t the license check be performed at the start and save me those precious minutes?

Makes a lot of sense. I don’t have any votes left to cast though.

Hi @maoravni,

I’d don’t believe that’s possible because until the DB restore has completed Roon does not know which account it should be validating (the backup being restored could be from a different account).

I think more traction would be gained by requesting that the need to reboot to overcome the metadata paused issue is resolved.

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you need to load 15Gb worth of data just to get a username / token.

There must be a simpler way.