Licensing Question

Hello. I am new to Roon. I have a licensing question. I have a home and office. At home, I have access to my digital media via Logitech Media Server (squeeze box) installed on my NAS with a ton of digital songs. My office just has a bluesound powernode 2 where I listen to just my streaming services. For the streaming services (Tidal, Groove, TuneIn, etc… ) I just have to purchase it once and I can listen in my home, office or anywhere, any device, etc…

To get roon In my office and home, do I have to purchase it twice?

Thanks… darien

See the answer in the Roon Knowledge Base. (no, you don’t have to purchase it twice, but you can’t use the two Roon Cores simultaneously)

Ok thanks. Can I ask a quick followup? For my office where I have the powernode 2, according to the roon website, the powernode 2 is network ready and has roon already built in. So to work at the office, do I have to install the core on a computer? I thought I could just use the app and the app would find the powernode 2, but it’s not… in addition, if I have to install the core on a computer here at the office, does that have to be running all the time here at the office on the computer?

Your answer is good not great. I am sure I have to install the core at home and if I have to install it in the office as well, that means my family can’t use it at the same time I am using it at the office. I am nit sure I can justify 800 dollars just to have a nice GUI to look at for my music…

Thanks again for your quick response…

There’s also the issue that discovery of endpoints from the Core relies on all the components being on the same subnet address range. I think some brave souls have experimented with VPNs to connect different locations, but unless you can ensure the same subnet addresses at both ends, that isn’t going to get you very far.

This is all outside of my working knowledge (I’m just a Roon user with everything under the one roof). Perhaps someone else can help you further…

sure got it. ok, this is going to be much more difficult than i thought. i am also seeing that Roon is extremely limited in the music that can be controlled/viewed from it. for example, i use tunein radio a lot as i listen to radio stations from other countries and other us cities. i also use deezer and groove music. unless i give run a specific internet url, it is looking like i won’t be able to use Roon easily for all my listening and controlling. so there are times i will use Roon and times i won’t. like 50/50. so that makes an investment of 400 dollars for something i only use for 1/2 of my music listening challenging. am i correct here?

I don’t make much use of internet radio, but those that do seem to be able to find stations of interest to them and add them to Roon.

I only subscribe to one streaming service (Tidal), and that’s only because it is integrated into Roon, and it gives me a way of discovering new music. Everybody’s use case is different, and only you can decide whether the value and cost of ownership are right for you.

excellent. learning a lot.