Lies, damned lies, and ~~statistics~~ MQA

A summary of the debunked (that is to say, untrue) assertions of Bob Stuart and MQA Ltd. around MQA:

  1. It is not lossless.
  2. It actually doesn’t have the full dynamics of CD.
  3. It has leaky filters that allow aliasing and imaging.
  4. The provenance, authentication, etc. is simply a con job – dead artists rising to authenticate, massive batch processing of music, etc.
  5. They claim to retroactively determine what gear was used to compensate for it when they do nothing of the sort.
  6. The way that the high sample rates are a con completely past 96 khz and mostly even at 96 khz.
  7. That it isn’t great at saving bandwidth as in fact 20 bit Flac could be smaller and of higher fidelity.
  8. It is effectively DRM, specifically the “freemium” model of software Management of end user Digital Rights.
  9. Bob Stuart even makes the bold claim that it is a “green” encoding!

What else is not true in the marketing of MQA?


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