Lifetime subscription keeps on giving!

I got my lifetime for $499 in Jan 2019. Not only have I almost broken even, but got ARC as a free bonus! Was considering Plex Pass for the ability to download my music, but no longer need to.


I started my lifetime subscription in November of 2016. It has more than paid of itself over that time.

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I got my lifetime in August 2015 (for $450) after spending 2 months in an annual subscription (was refunded the remaining 10 months). Definitely paid off :grinning:

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July 2019 for me, also when it was still $499. Knowing what I know now I can’t believe I thought it was at all expensive at the time. I suppose in fairness to me I was using Logitech Music Server back then which was (and still is I assume) free so moving away from a free service that I really didn’t have any issues with is always going to create at least some sticker shock. I remember at the time I was slightly irritated that the official free trial period was so short even though it was explained on this forum that it was quite easy to request an extension. As it turns out that wasn’t necessary, I fell in love with Roon within a few minutes of installing it and made the lifetime purchase a day later.

Roon ARC doesn’t do what I need yet so I’m not getting much extra value from that but it is very close to being able to do what I want so I’m hoping that within a few months I might be getting even more benefit by being able to adopt Roon as my mobile solution as well.

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Wow, some of you folks are real early adopters.

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Nov '17 for me - $499. ~$8.60 per month and dropping!

It was kind of by accident. I learned about Roon’s existence from a post in the Head-Fi forums and got curious. Up until then I was using Foobar2000. I downloaded Roon for the trial (I think it was 14 days?) but after only a couple of hours I emailed Roon to cancel my subscription - there was only a yearly subscription and for $120 I just didn’t see enough value in the short time I used it. BTW to cancel the subscription you had to email support, there was no way to do it from the app or website. In response, I got an email from Kevin who wanted to know why I wanted to quit after so little use. I explained to him about the pricing that intimidated me, and about some issues I experienced. I was very impressed with how he responded to me personally. In the meantime I watched a demo of Roon and learned that there was more to it than just a nice UI. Also, he told me that they already solved some of the issues I had with an upcoming software update and that impressed me even more. To top it off he offered me some discount. I could afford it and took the plunge.
2 months later I was hooked, I just couldn’t see myself going back to Foobar :sweat_smile:

After a free trial, I got a 1-year membership in August 2018 and when time came to renew, I went lifetime for $499. So glad I did…

June 2015 three days into my free trial. There was a discount on lifetime for the first 90 days after launch I think.

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