„Like“ Button for TIDAL disabled?

Hi all,

I noticed that the „like“ button for songs that Roon Radio picks from Tidal is disabled. Is that on purpose?

Would love to just „like“ one of those songs to add them to my favourites. Only workaround I know so far: add the whole album to my playlist.

any feedback from your side?

best Robert

You can only like tracks that are in your library, so if you wish to like a track, add album (or single/EP) to your library.

You can add just the track to the library, then you can favourite it. No need to add the whole album.

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Ok, got it.

It would be cool though if that option would be available, right after I‘ve added the album to the library.

When I do so while playing, the option is still disabled.

Best Robert

Yes indeed it is annoying and unintuitive.

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It would seem if you want to ‘heart’ it in Tidal you’d want to ‘heart’ it while doing so in Roon. Thus, add the album/track to Roon and make it a favorite in one user action.
But we can’t. It’s stupid.

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Totally agree - it’s just not convenient

Except that is exactly what I don’t want. Just because I add something to my library does not mean it is a favorite of mine. Far from it.

That’s a good point @Rugby. I hadn’t thought about it from the perspective that a ‘like’ in Tidal is the only means to add to the Roon library. I can see that it becomes more complicated.
I won’t give up hope that Roon can come up with a solution, but I stand corrected that the situation now is ‘stupid’. It’s inconvenient.

Yes. The “LIKE” is doing double duty.

And that brings me back to my point: you should be able to like a song, even if it’s not in your library!

And also: WHEN I then add the song, I should be able to like it immediately. Not only the next time I play it.

Best Robert