Like/dislike Roon radio suggestions

I use my phone (Android 12) for controlling music through Roon. I do like Roon radio and I do like the option to be able to like or dislike suggested music.

It’s just that, how am I supposed to know if I like or dislike a suggested song if it has not played yet?
On Android, once the song is playing I cannot like or dislike it anymore.

I think I saw it is possible to like or dislike a song once it’s playing in the the Windows PC application. That way I am supposed to get better personalized Roon radio music through time. So why is this feature not available through the smartphone app?

Do I have point here or am I missing something?

Cheers, Remco - from The Netherlands

Try hitting the three dots to the right of the play controls, or to the right of the track playing in the Queue, there is a “heart” icon that you use, at least for tracks in your local library.

It appears you can’t like or dislike in this manner for Tidal tracks. I do not have Qobuz so don’t know if this is the case there also?

You may already know the suggested track and dislike it.

If you skip a track that’s playing, Roon prompts to ask why.

I believe if you allow the track to play through Roon records it as an “ok” track. That said, Roon is also taking account of input from all users… the affect on future selections I’m told is quite subtle.

does it? not in my case, or is it only in the background?

I also have a question about the functionality of the Radio in general.

I have started a “Boozoo Bajou - Night in Manaus” Roon radio (limited to my library), that’s a trippy Downbeat track with brazilian flavour … Roon Radio suggests then “Massive Attack - Angel” next. That’s a track I absolutely adore, but it doesn’t fit the mood at all, it’s only the same genre “Trip Hop” which is no genre at all (but then, that’s another discussion ;)) . Now, what happens if I dislike the proposition? What does Valence/Roon Radio actually learn?