Like/dislike Roon radio suggestions

I use my phone (Android 12) for controlling music through Roon. I do like Roon radio and I do like the option to be able to like or dislike suggested music.

It’s just that, how am I supposed to know if I like or dislike a suggested song if it has not played yet?
On Android, once the song is playing I cannot like or dislike it anymore.

I think I saw it is possible to like or dislike a song once it’s playing in the the Windows PC application. That way I am supposed to get better personalized Roon radio music through time. So why is this feature not available through the smartphone app?

Do I have point here or am I missing something?

Cheers, Remco - from The Netherlands


Try hitting the three dots to the right of the play controls, or to the right of the track playing in the Queue, there is a “heart” icon that you use, at least for tracks in your local library.

It appears you can’t like or dislike in this manner for Tidal tracks. I do not have Qobuz so don’t know if this is the case there also?

You may already know the suggested track and dislike it.

If you skip a track that’s playing, Roon prompts to ask why.

I believe if you allow the track to play through Roon records it as an “ok” track. That said, Roon is also taking account of input from all users… the affect on future selections I’m told is quite subtle.

does it? not in my case, or is it only in the background?

I also have a question about the functionality of the Radio in general.

I have started a “Boozoo Bajou - Night in Manaus” Roon radio (limited to my library), that’s a trippy Downbeat track with brazilian flavour … Roon Radio suggests then “Massive Attack - Angel” next. That’s a track I absolutely adore, but it doesn’t fit the mood at all, it’s only the same genre “Trip Hop” which is no genre at all (but then, that’s another discussion ;)) . Now, what happens if I dislike the proposition? What does Valence/Roon Radio actually learn?

I have a same or similar problem: When I start a roon radio, I want to be able to like/disklie the song currently playing. However I cant, instead I can like/dislike the next one.
I dont understand the logic, I would like to like/dislike the current song I am playing, and roon learns about the preferences and if I click disklike the next song is played.
Or do I miss something?

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As mentioned above:

If you skip a track that’s playing, Roon prompts to ask why.

thanks Martin for the fast reply. When I start a radio and go to the waiting queue, then i see the song playing and the bottom of the screen another song with like/disklies symbol. Probably the next song showing up?
So I click “Remove from Queue”, it is removed but I am asked nothing and nothing more happens…

There’s no need to visit the queue, just press the cue next track button. This should prompt the dialogue.

I have exactly same “issue” on Android with Roon Radio… No dialogue when pressing next track!

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Same here.

I’ve never seen Roon ask me why I skipped a track. As far as I know, it only happens when you thumbs down the track that’s coming up.

The thing I don’t like about Roon radio, is it seems to play a lot of the same songs. I was really hoping that it would play bands I haven’t heard of, but is similar to what started the Roon radio.

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So I just tested this again on a tablet running Android. During Roon radio, on the bottom of the screen there’s a box showing what track is coming up. There I can like or dislike it. But that’s mostly not useful because for me Roon Radio is for discovery of new music that I haven’t heard before.
So it would only be logical if I could like or dislike a song currently playing.
De dialog box that prompts for reasons for skipping is not sufficient for this.

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You only get the “Tell us why” dialogue when you click the Next Track icon on a PC, Windows tablet or Mac (I don’t know about an iPad or Android tablet). You certainly don’t get it on smartphones.


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The thumbs up/down is simply a bad metaphor because it’s commonly associated with like/dislike.

What it really does is giving you an option to add the next track to the queue or not. Think of it this way and most of the confusion will go away.

Of course, you may still not know the next track, but that can’t be helped in radio. If you do know it, you can decide to not put it on the queue if you don’t like it. If you don’t know the song, let it play and then skip it if it turns out you don’t like it. Then Roon will ask why you skipped it. (Apparently with the limitation as described by Geoff in the previous post)

Somewhere in the many times this has been discussed, a Roon developer acknowledged that the thumbs metaphor is confusing and should be changed:


Over 3 years ago…

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Yeah, and it should be changed to avoid the confusion. Just saying that it’s known and if they don’t fix it, a person can still decide to reinterpret it in the correct way - once one is aware - and it helps

For the next Roon Radio track I’d suggest add / don’t add to queue icons would be more appropriate.

Maybe like this, but with a “-” and “+” rather than the play symbol.


UPDATE Alternatively, I see Roon already have this icon, that is displayed after the track is added to the queue, so this style could potential be reused.



Definitely better and appropriate. Though I don’t even know why there are two options to begin with. Seems to me that the default is to play the upcoming track, so maybe there’s only a need for one button - “no, don’t add that one”

But maybe I’m missing something


I guess, only to close the pop up …

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Default action could be to close itself when the next track starts. No need for it to be pressed.

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Hi @Anthony_B,

I just had quick play around with Roon Radio with the next track notification enabled … and it does auto closes when the next track starts (it’s been a while since I’ve had that feature enabled).

I wonder if Roon’s Radio AI has 3 inputs here (not 2) …

  1. :+1: I want to hear it (add to queue and submit +ve response)
  2. :-1: I don’t want to hear it (don’t add to queue and submit a -ve response)
  3. image or timeout (add to queue and submit a neutral response)

… but this is just pure speculation on my part.