Limited La-La Land Records Releases - No Metadata

Hi all. New customer here :).

However, I have encountered some metadata that Roon just doesn’t seem to have. I have many limited release remasters done by La-La Land Records that are not matched properly. The ones I ran into this morning were John William’s Schindler’s List and James Horner’s Braveheart. The tracks identified from the normal release CD’s are correctly tagged but Roon obviously lacks these in their database as a metadata match fix and search yielded no matches for the album name only or la-la land in the search.

These are FLAC files ripped from CD’s with proper metadata (disc number, album, composer, etc). Identification just ID’s it as the normal album with some missing options.

Any ideas on why this is? One of the selling points is rich metadata on all releases, including those obscure things that few people have. :neutral_face:

Hi @Danielle_Stone — Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Roon community!

Roon uses data from a variety of sources and while we don’t have data on all releases, we are always getting new data and it may be possible that we will get data on these releases in the future. If you’re interested in helping to improve the metadata we have, one of our sources, MusicBrainz, is crowdsourced and can be added to by anyone who is interested in doing so.