Limited Roon remote?

I’ve been spending some time at local stereo stores lately. While all had a passing familiarity with Roon, none had it running on the floor, and only one had substantial knowledge of Roon integration options.

I hope this changes, and that it becomes more normal to be able to go into a store, and use Roon (& Tidal) to audition/demo products.

My favorite store - Music Lovers Audio in (SF & Berkeley) - tend to promote Amarra (or, Aurender), but were aware of which of their products were roon-ready, and had a copy of roon installed.

The salesman I was working with brought out a Roon remote for me to use, while comparing some roon-ready products.

While I was using the remote, I was prompted for whether I wanted to upgrade the server. Then I noticed that some USB-connected DAC’s weren’t in exclusive mode, that roon-volume-control was enabled (which the salesman /didnt/ want), that DSD options needed tweaking, etc etc - and I helped the salesman with that stuff.

But his main purpose was to leave me alone in the room to listen to some stuff, with - at best - the ability to tweak a personal playlist while I was comparing gear.

I think that would be the typical “use case” in a store.

They would not want customers to be able to edit device settings, remove albums from the library, install new software, etc, etc - all of which I had in my hands with the iPad remote.

I’m not aware of a way to configure/restrict the remote’s capabilities - is there one? If so, I apologize for this verbose prologue. If not, I suggest it’s important to offer that.

At most, unprivileged users should be able to edit the queue, and perhaps adapt a playlist (nice-to-have, but not required) - but they should not be able to change the library, change server/device settings, install software, etc.

I think this “limited” remote would be a must-have for dealers to be comfortable with having Roon on the sales floor - which I think is important for us (customers), Roon, dealers, and roon-ready vendors. (My dealer didn’t realize the setup was so exposed until I walked him through some settings to change- he was thankful, but rightfully alarmed.)

You can set up different profiles in Roon, one of them is ‘Guest’. This may give you the tools you require.

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Hey Chris

Where do you set this at? I know how to add another profile in Roon, but where do you set it up as a guest?


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Where do you add profiles in Roon?

I have guest listed in Roon at the top.

I don’t know about functionality here though

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I do not have one that say Guest unless I create one that states Guest.

Isn’t this just another user profile for different playlists and sessions?
I believe that it has the same rights as the primary profile.



I expect it is, I can’t remember making the guest one. Perhaps I did. So a locked down profile for this may be a good idea.

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Top Left - Select your Name


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