Limiting acces to my Roon & endpoints?

AFAIK… anybody with access to my network & a Roon app can control any part of my system. Is it possible to limit use of my Roon core and connected devices to authorized individuals? Is it possible to prevent my kids from streaming to my personal devices?

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Hi @Kevin_Richardson and welcome to the forum.

There is no built-in security in Roon (or uPnP, DLNA, …). If you have to provide (internet) access to untrusted users you have to constraint them to their own (sub)network. You can then use firewall rules on the router if you run services on your trusted network you wish to give them access to.

If they are already on your internal network and Roon Core is running on Windows, Linux or MacOS you could use firewall rules to restrict access but you will also have to get into static IP addressing or address reservation on your DHCP server…much easier to give the kids a bollocking :grinning:

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I’m not sure but it appears anybody on the network has full access to modify the Roon core and my library. That’s a bit different than my upnp JRiver server. I’m not overly concerned about people listening to my music but worried about getting my library messed up or playlists deleted/modified. Roon has support for multiple profiles but doesn’t have anything to really isolate each user’s items.

Again: There is no built-in security in Roon!

Make/load the library (music files) read-only. Can’t be done for streaming services obviously. No support for multiple streaming accounts (account per user).

Playlists are per user, but can be shared also. Every user can switch to any other user or change configuration.

Do not let untrusted users access your Roon installation. Help trusted users to understand how Roon works and which actions are permitted and which not (by your definition). Keep backups for your Roon DB and your music files, so you can restore after unwanted changes.

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I’d set up a separate VLAN for the users you don’t want having access to Roon.

I have 2 networks at home - my main network which all the important stuff runs on and to which only my wife and I have access.

I also have a separate ‘Guest’ network which is on a separate VLAN and firewalled from the main network. Anyone visiting or staying has access to the Guest network only… They can enjoy high speed internet access, but cannot access files, documents, Plex or my Roon server/database/music library.