Lindemann Limetree Bridge is not detected by ROON Server

Hi Everyone,
I have this problem above.
Have a ROON Server running on my iMAC (newest macOS) and a Bridge connected via Ethernet.
Lindemannn App finds the Bridge and runs smoothly

But if I try to connect ROON with the Bridge ROON doesn’t find it.
With Blusound Node 2i I don’t have any issuse. See pic attached.

Any suggestion / hints from you guys?

Thanx in forward


Have you gone into the Limetree setup and enabled Roon operation?

Hi Henry,
thanx for the hint.
I couldn’t find the option for ROON opearation.
Could you send a screenshot please where the option is located?
Special thanx

Hi, I presumed the option needed to be set. However on reading the handbook it states:

The Limetree BRIDGE is “Roon Ready“, meaning that it’s de- signed for playing music via the Roon Core and the Roon software. As soon as the device is successfully logged into the network (LAN or WLAN), the Roon System will get access to it.
For more information about Roon please visit the official website:

That does seem to suggest it isn’t appearing on the Roon network so perhaps it is running old firmware? Is it fully updated?


problem disappeared.
For whatever reasons my Bridge appears now in ROON audio setup and can be used.
I didn’t changed nothing.
Perhaps it was this old familiar network thing that it takes time to be recognized. At least sometimes. You‘ll find this oftentimes when you’re dealing with PC networks.
I thought Linux doesn’t have that problem.

Thanx for your help anyways


Good news. By all accounts it is a pretty decent bit of kit. Enjoy!

Although I’m still fighting it out: Bridge vs Blusound Node 2i

I’ve got an external DAC (Cyrus DAC XP Signature).
As far as I know the Node transports a pure bit stream, whilst Lindemann everything upscales to 96/192.
My DAC is a really powerful one. Two 32Bit DAC, one each channel. And the DAC XP itself upscales everything before converting.

Compared them sound-wise. No differences to hear…