Linear Power Supply for 1st version Nucleus

I have a 1st version Nucleus. I have been using the supplied power supply with it. However recently I upgraded from an Sbooster 12-13.2V - 2.25 A, 12.6 V - 2.5 A, 12 V - 3 A to a Ferrum Hypos on y Mytek Brooklyn Dac +.

My question is, the specs for the Nucleus say it will work with a 12-19v dc power supple. Will my Sbooster 12-13.2v work for the Nucleus? Will I see any improvement in the performance of the Nucleus?

Thank you

try it…if your ears and brain say its better then it is for you at least. YMMV

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Unlikely. The max power rating is 65W.

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