Linear Power Supply for Intel NUC 8th gen

Are there any Linear Power Supplys available for Intel NUC 8th gen ? I am surprised sbooster hasn’t come out with one yet.

any 19v/5A LPS will do for an 8th generation i7
I’m using this ZeroZone bought on eBay for aroud €200 shipped and all. works (and “sounds”) great

Do I have to worry about power consumption? Thats the reason sbooster doesn’t recommend their 19v option for the 8th generation

… not going to comment anything stated by SBooster :stuck_out_tongue:
(although what they probably mean is they don’t have a 5A PS in their lineup :wink: )

I have this one:

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Teddy Pardo has one (TeddyNUC). The specs says 19V, up to 3.5A. Listed for $399.

There is an E38 Mark II DAC bundle that includes a Teddy Pardo power supply. That is what got me to checking out their site and I saw it listed there. Don’t know anything else about it.

Thinking about ordering one myself.

not 100% “safe” for an 8th gen i7 (can draw up to 78w)
almost there at 4A, but complete peace of mind comes at 5A :wink:

I was curious about that. Thanks for the update.

@pl_svn paolo do you have your DAC connected via USB directly to NUC?
How would you describe ZeroZone impact SQ against OEM PS?

Thank you in advance

sorry: DAC is connected to a Lumin U1 Mini

You can try TOMANEK power supply. A bit expensive but very good quality.

Thanks for all the suggestions folks. After a lot of thought, I decided to ditch the nuc and ordered an Antipodes EX and i am going to use it as both a roon renderer and core. Will be putting up the nuc for sale soon

Does an LPS matter if the nuc is going to be in another room and not connected directly to the dac? I’m running HQPlayer naa to my listening setup in another room.

I use FARAD Super 3 LPS for my i7 8th gen NUC