Linear Power Supply for Mini-PC (MOCK)

I have a Roon Server installation on a Chinese mini pc (MOCK) with Intel i9 and 48 GB of RAM. I wanted to know if anyone has tried to change the DC cable power supply that these devices have for a linear power supply like these:

Do we really need to open yet another thread on this topic?




There are extensive existing topics discussing Linear Power Supplies for Roon Cores.
May I suggest you read these and then if you have a specific question about your use case that’s not been covered feel free to ask below.

Here are two topics to get you started, happy reading:


You can find a lot of debate about whether it makes any sense, and whether it can make any difference.

Regardless of this - you need to make sure it provides enough power, most of these linear power supplies (including the ones you list) are designed to supply power to low power audio equipment - not a computer that can have a higher power demand.

Take a look at your current MOCK switched mode power supply - but my guess is that it’ll be 19V 4.5A - you need to make sure the new supply can supply the same as your current supply - or the sound quality will suffer a lot :grinning:(because the computer will crash / won’t work!).


Thank you for your answers. I couldn’t find anything about it on Google.


Try searching Computer Audiophile and the like, you should find reams of stuff on PC power there. There’s also a load of it on the JPlay forum

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Many thanks

An i9 will need a good amount of power.

@wizardofoz What would you recommend?

I don’t know what the supplied SMPS was rated at or what processor number/generation you are using or other internal/external powered devices.

Thank you. I don’t have that knowledge but let’s see if this can help. This is the model I bought last year. It only has one external ssd drive attached for Roon backups. Internally it has two NVME.

“DC + 12V ~ + 19V, recomendado 19V/3 ~ 5A”

So you should find a 19V 3-5A supply.

Output DC +12V~+19V, recommend 19V/3~5A.

So that’s going to be about 100VA or 100W give or take.

This is the power supply

I am in Spain. I have to get 240V, which I guess will be a bit more difficult. The label says 6.32A, is that correct? Is there any linear with these specifications?

240V is the input voltage, don’t confuse that with 100VA (Volts * Amps) which is how much power the device can supply.
(100VA with a Power Factor of 1 is 100 Watts.)

Your current PSU can supply 19V DC at 6.32A which is 120 Watts), you should be looking for a LPSU with a 19V DC with a similar capacity (it does not matter if Amps are a little higher, think of that as headroom).

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Thank you. Now I know a bit better what to look for. I have located maybe these two on Aliexpress. I’ve asked the sellers but I don’t trust them much, do you know of any devices that meet the specs?

Neither of those has anything like enough power.

You at at least 100W, they are both 35.

There are a few suitable linked here Linear Power Supply for Intel NUC 8th gen

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Thank you very much. I don’t know why but it’s difficult for me to find these threads on google and on the forum.