Best linear power supply for Nucleus now?

I am aware that there will be a Roon linear power supply for Nucleus available later in 2018, but if I wanted to buy a very good one now, which one would I get (~$1000 or even more if really good is ok)?

I read good comments about UpTone Audio JS-2 LPS (, but it only goes up to 12 V, not 19 V. While Roon specs for Nucleus say 12 - 19V, the Nucleus itself has the outlet labeled “19 V”, and Danny mentioned only 19 V in one of his posts here. Does this imply one should have a 19 V LPS, not 12 V LPS for Nucleus?

Bottom line question: What is a great LPS for Nucleus now?

Ideally, in addition to 19 V for Nucleus, LPS should also have a 12 V output for my network switch, sitting next to Nucleus, connecting Nucleus and dCS Upsampler. Or maybe I should just get 2 separate LPSs?

I also found this site with lots of LPS options:

(As an aside, I hope the new Roon LPS will have two voltage outputs, as I suspect many people will need to power both Nucleus and a nearby switch for best effects.)

Thank you, Andrej

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I use one made by HDPlex, which I had previously gotten for a NUC.
I have made no comparisons with others, or with the original switching supplies.
Everything works fine.
I should note that the power supply is significantly bigger and heavier than the Nucleus.

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I use KECES DC-116, it has two independent outputs. I use 12V/3A for my NAS and the other 19V/3A for NUC loaded with ROCK.

I have this linear power supply from my Auralic Aries Femto streamer:

I’ve have recently stop using the Auralic streamer because it keeps loosing connection completely ruining the listening expierence and now I’m looking on what to do with the nice linear power supply. I’m wondering if I would be able to use it with my Nucleus? The specs says it is16V/1A, which may not be enough to power Nucleus? Can someone from Roon confirm the minimum power requirements for Nucleus?


Teddy Pardo make a variety of LPS devices.

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Why would you need a linear power supply for Nucleus? Are you hooking it up to your DAC ? Or just in the network?


I’m afraid the current is too low, at 1A. It may not work reliably if peak current drawn above it will current limit and cause the voltage to cut back.

You can consider Plixir.

Have you tried powering the Nucleas with the stock power supply? Any notable difference in sound?

Keep the Nucleus w/ its stock power supply and router/switch in another room if you are on the network. No need to spend money on a LPS for the Nucleus, unless the Nucleus and its power supply HAS to be placed near the audio rack or you are using USB connection. Save your money otherwise.


I started my Roon journey running an NUC 6i5 and a TP-Link metal-cased switch with the stock power supplies. It was not listenable the noise floor was very high. After switching to the LPS for both equipment the background had become blacker and the music is more relaxed and enjoyable.

I made a similar journey but I’d be hard pressed to tell each apart. Perhaps its the dac that is the difference. Every system is different and some problems that plague one and not the other.

I did not. Had the LPS in place from the NUC, left it in place, it’s heavy.

I didn’t notice any change when I put it into the NUC. Didn’t expect to.
All my endpoints are networked, no USB at the time.

Since then I have experimented with direct USB, in parallel with the network, to the main system. No difference. May be because the Meridian 818v3 is well engineered and not very sensitive, or that the Nucleus is well engineered and not very noisy. Or my ears are 16 bit.

Excellent power supplies can be found here

Can anyone from Roon answer me here. Will this LPS work on the Nucleus/Nucleus+

12V up to 7 amps split on both outputs. And power connection on the Nucleus is the 5.5mm x 2.5mm ?

If you only have the core SSD fitted it should be OK. If you have your music on multiple USB connected drives and/or local storage internally then start up and intensive use might push it close to limits.
This link is useful.

This also seems to be a good candidate without these limitations.

This an amazing power supply (the JS-2), but probably a waste on something like a NUC vs an endpoint streamer. I’m powering my NUC 7i5 with an older HDPLEX 100 on the 12v rail (was using the 19v rail but it seems to have stopped working for some reason). Some of the Chinese made Zero Zone etc power supplies just fine as well for about $200 shipped. I wouldn’t overthink this part and save the big $ for the front end.

My plan was to use the Nucleus as an “endpoint” for multi-channel playback over HDMI. Experience tell me that a linear power supply will boost quality on this (the same applies for USB audio-devices directly connected. For all other endpoints it will go over ethernet.