Linear Power Supply for NUC 8th Generation

Hello Folks,
I currently have Roon on a windows machine and I want to build a NUC Rock setup. I have ordered a “8th Generation Intel Core i7 8559U Processor” based NUC that arrives next week. I plan on connecting this directly to my DAC and want to try out DSD512 upsampling for all sources. In parallel, I also have a MiniDSP SHD Studio based end point when I want to use DIRAC. I recently learned about the “Linear Power supply”. Looks like the sbooster won’t work for the 8th generation and there appear to be other candidates like Teddy Pardo.
Can you please recommend what are the possibilites for the 8th geenration Core i7 8559U based NUC which is a " NUC8i7BEH" ?

On an NUC8i5BEH, I am using this one:
Check “Data Sheet”, and see if it is ok for your NUC8i7BEH requirements.

Thanks Daniel. I am in the US and it looks like the LPSU you pointed is 220v based. Is there a model in the US that would work for the 8th generation?

I am not aware about US market…

HDPlex 200w is a good bargain in my view. It has 4 outputs and can therefore power switches or Dacs. Mine is handling perfectly a Nuc5i3 (Rock), a Nuc8i3 (HQplayer end endpoint), a Meraki Cisco switch and the Exasound DAC! From memory the price is around 300USD.
EDIT: looks like it is out of stock at the moment…

When I got my LPSU for my 7i7BNH, the Teddy NUC you linked to did not exist. I wish it had because it’s a bit cheaper than the 19/3 I bought and the specs look identical. It has worked well and I’m pleased with it so I would give it a thumbs up if you’re considering purchasing one.

Thanks Remy and Darryl. I am leaning towards the “Keces P8, version 8 Amp” version type “9v/12V-4A + 18V/19V-4A Dual Output”
I am checking with Power Holdings who is the dealer here in the US to see if it would power the “8th Generation Intel Core i7 8559U Processor NUC8i7BEH” while upsampling to DSD512 and also simultaneously powering a MiniDSP SHD Studio . Unsure if the SHD studio will even benefit from this, but wouldn’t hurt if the solution comes in one box.
Any thoughts how the Keces compares to the other units mentioned above in this thread?
Anyone, please feel free to chime in with your opinions and experiences.
I appreciate it.

Just heard back from Teddy Pardo. They confirmed their NUC targeted linear power supply will work for the 8th generation. Question is, will the Keces be a better product for this application, if we ignore the second supply to MiniDSP SHD Studio?
Please post your opinions. I like to see measurements to back up subjective claims. I see Teddy Pardo has measurements posted. Anyone know about Keces?

Are you still happy with the audiophonics LPSU100? Bought recently a NUC 8i5BEK so I am interested in your opinion.
With regards,
Tom Verhulst

Yes, I am very satisfied. It works very well with my NUC8i5BEH and the source is almost cold all the time.