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Album: Greatest Hits (Ten Years and Change 1979–1991)
Artist: Peter Wolf (J. Geils Band)
Artist: Peter Wolf (Producer)

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?

Yes, there’s a TiVo Album Review and Wikipedia article linked to it.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?


Screenshot of import settings

I did not import this album

Description of the issue

The album “Greatest Hits (Ten Years and Change 1979–1991)” has an album review provided by TiVo with a lot of information about the evolving lineup of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship. It mentions “Peter Wolf (Not the singer from the J. Geils Band)” and links to Peter Wolf… but the Peter Wolf who is associated with the J Geils Band. It should link to the other Peter Wolf.

The correct Peter Wolf shows up in the Credits and Roles section. MusicBrainz seems to have the appearances correct, though I didn’t comb though that too deeply. If you navigate to Starship (Band) and look at the English Wikipedia info page, it links to the correct Peter Wolf.

It’s frustrating that I can’t pull any kind of unique ID for the artist and album entities from the Roon interface… makes it hard to provide unambiguous references here. Also frustrating that I can’t find any way to provide feedback to TiVo, or even access the review outside of the Room application. I suppose that’s licensing, but it makes it hard to fix.

@Peter_Bronez -

The corresponding AllMusic page points to the same incorrect link:

A way to address this is to scroll to the bottom of this listing and hit “Submit Corrections” :

Hi @Peter_Bronez, I’ve requested a correction from TiVo.

Thanks all! I was not familiar with AllMusic. I’ll set up an account over there and next time I find an error I’ll check there in addition to MusicBrainz.

Yes, AllMusic is standalone version of the TiVo information that you see in Roon. TiVo owns AllMusic.

Not quite true… AllMusic licenses TiVo’s “US” data package and clearly exists via advertising. We (Roon) also license TiVo’s UK and EU data packages.

I’m sorry. Thank you for the clarification, @joel.

No worries. The whole AMG, allmusic, Rovi, TiVo story is quite complicated!

@Peter_Bronez This is now correct on our servers. Please allow up to a week for the updated metadata to be pulled into your library (but please get back to me if it doesn’t).

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