Link to external PDFs (music scores)

As a professional musician, it would be incredibly valuable to access a scored I’ve saved on my NAS as PDF when listening to a recording inside Roon. For example, a PDF of Beethoven’s Symphony no. 1 could be linked to all recordings I have in my library, giving me access on demand to that particular document, regardless of which particular recording I’m listening to at the moment.

I’ve been unsuccessful in using symbolic links, but I could imagine a simple file picker doing nicely in letting me set the location of a score on my drive.

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If you drop the pdf into each folder containing the work you’ll be able to view the score.

Obviously, I could do that. But if I have 10 different recordings of the same work, and a PDF that is 20MB, that’s now 200MB on my drive devoted to the SAME document. I would like to be able to link all my recordings to one single copy of that score.

Works for local music. I suggested some sort of proxy location for tidal a while ago. But the idea of linking the score to a composition is even better. In the best of worlds, the score would be retrieved from and/or other sources.

I think the problem there would be integration with the IMSLP API, which is unfortunately not publicly available. I think there would also be performance implications as well. In my case, I’m happy to have the files on my local drive, I just want to be able to reference a single document.

Make symbolic links in your filesystem.

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Have you tested this yourself? Symlinks don’t appear for me.

No, I haven’t but I can’t see why it shouldn’t work. @support, does Roon ignore symbolic links to files?

To pick up on this: IMPLS would also make an interesting addition for (classical) composer details - as a link, like for wikipedia.


IMPLS is a fascinating potential integration.

Meanwhile, I’d be happy with the ability to refer to a score in a single location. All classical listeners of course have multiple recordings of many many works.

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