Link Words in Blue almost impossible to read - Your thoughts?

I find the Blue linked words in the Bios and Album texts to be almost impossible to read. It seems there could not have been a worse color choice against the black background for readability. Does anyone agree, or am I missing something?

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While I don’t have much trouble with the blue links, I do have trouble with some colors on a black background (red can be an issue sometimes), so I understand your situation.

You may consider to revisit your monitor’s settings and/or switch to light mode to improve on that.

As long as the UI isn’t configurable in all aspects, which is currently not on Roon’s roadmap, that’s your only cure right now.

Come to think about it, there’s not just one tinkering-thread about how to customize the color scheme, if you’re willing to dive into that rabbit hole!

@Tom_Bourret, if you do fancy mod’ing your theme, here’s a good place to start. On first inspection it might seem complicated, but it’s actually a reasonably simple process.

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Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I’m not a techie and not likely to find my own fix- I did try. I was hoping this was enough of an issue for other users that it might cause Roon to make a simple color change to the Links.

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