Linking to Levinson 360S DAC

Roon Core Machine

Intel Fanless Mini PC Roon Core Server (roon nucleus clone)
Intel Processor i5
128 GB SSD drive for OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet to Intel streamer

Connected Audio Devices

Mark Levinson 360s DAC via USB output from server/streamer to Leaf Audio USB Digital Interface and from there via coaxial SPDIF to the Levinson 360S DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

27,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Is it possible to deliver a signal to a “classic” DAC such as the Levinson 360S? It obviously is not recognized by Roon when plugged in. The picture I have attached shows devices that loaded a long time ago when I connected the Intel. I have never used them and, quite frankly, I don’t know what they relate to for usage. I have only had Roon Ready or Tested devices connected before this. But I am waiting for my new Wanda DAC and a friend suggested I try this Levinson temporarily. Is it possible to use the Levinson with Roon? Thank you.

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I would guess that it is the one labelled as “?” which I would change btw.

The Levinson will not show up in Roon as your connecting via spdif which has no idea what it’s connected to it’s just a oneway audio data stream. The device that will show in Roon will be the Leaf Audio interface which will be connected via the Alsa and the cores USB interface that you can see with a ?. How well this works depends on that devices support under Linux and if it’s fully UAC compliant and what it advertises itself as. Selecting that output should result in playing to your Levinson DAC.

I have the same guess, but “?” may indicate something problematic. It would not surprise me if its USB turn out to be not compatible with Linux or Roon OS.

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Hi James,

If I guess right, you use the mini PC as the Roon core AND as the output device. Since both the Leave and the Levinson have no digital (wifi) network signature, they will not show up under Roon as connected. The Leave USB interface is connected to the Core server via USB. That specific USB port of your mini PC is the output device that you choose as destination under Settings → Audio “connected to Roon server”.(again I guess that this is the questionmark ?). If you want to, you can Edit the questionmark-device (pencil icon) and name it “Mark Levinson”. It will then appear under that name as output device in the Roon player.

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your thoughts. Here is an update to my process.

It turns out that, for whatever reason, the Red Leaf DDC was not being recognized by Roon. Therefore no signal out via it to the Levinson DAC. I discovered that when I went out on a limb and ordered a Douk Audio U2 PRO XMOS XU208 USB to COAX/OPT/HDMI Converter Digital Interface. Once hooked up in the audio chain Roon recognized the Douk DDC and I was able to send a signal via it to the Levinson DAC.

Not surprising, a solution was achieved by spending more money. Typical for this hobby, or any other hobby I guess. :grinning: At least it was not a lot of money for a test run and it worked.

I am sorry to all the people who tried to help me out as I created some confusion with the ALSA named as a ?. I did that a long time ago in one of my sleuthing modes to try to figure out what all the ALSA choices presented in the settings were used for. I did not achieve success due to time constraints and a low priority to the project. I forgot to rename it back to its original moniker. If anyone has an explanation of why there are so many of the ALSA listed I am all ears.

In you are interested, the Levinson DAC sounded not bad. The soundstage was narrow in both depth and width than I am used to hearing. Separation was fair and too for dynamics and PRAT. It was not bad to listen to but not up to par with today’s DAC products and that is logical given its age.

The Wandla DAC, once I got it in the system, blows it out of the water and it should. I am very happy with the synergy of the Wandla in my system.

Now I need to work more on my room treatment and isolation goals.

Enjoy the music everyone.

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