Linking Zones, what devices can be grouped together

I have an OPPO 205 4k and elsewhere in the house a Monitor Audio Airstream S200 speaker. I would like to have the oppo playing synchronously with a remote speaker but OPPO and S200 cannot zoned together. What will zone with OPPO 205?

the oppo is roon ready, the monitor audio airstream is airplay. you cant link them together. If you were to use the USB input of the airstream, or a roon ready network bridge, it’d work.

This KB page sets out the different types of Zones. Only Zones of the same type can be grouped. There are also KEF LS50 zones which are a special case and cannot be grouped at all, even with each other.

Apologies if this is an ignorant/silly question but why can’t different types of zones be linked?

Thanks Danny,
My Roon is on a Sonic Orbiter so I used a bridge via a MacBook Pro and it works! It is synchronous with the sound from the Oppo so moving round the house I don’t get an echoed version of the music. I used to have a cumbersome squeezebox system which I could never get synchronised. This is much better with minimal hardware.

As I understand it, Roon multiroom is part of its RAAT transport, and if you use RAAT, you can use multiroom. If you use AirPlay or Chromecast, you are using their proprietary transports instead of RAAT, and that includes their proprietary multiroom function, so there are three entirely separate and incompatible ways to do it.

It’s a perfectly good question. My understanding is that the different ways that protocols implement clocking and synchronisation (see here) make inter-linking impossible or impractical.

My kludge solution is to line up my playlist and hit “play” as quickly as possible in my zones that can’t be grouped.
So the timing is out by more than a millisecond, doesn’t bother me. It would be out by less and would be far more convenient if Roon could just hit “play” on the different zones for me.

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It’s probably not something that would meet Roon’s standards for user experience, but it might be that an API project could make things a little less kludgy. I’ve opened a thread to see if any Tinkerers are interested:

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That’s an interesting idea. I run two Naim streamers, but they are slightly out of sync because I choose to use one of them with an offboard DAC, which puts a noticeable delay on the signal. I should probably try to work out what the delay time is, and see if I can compensate for it.
Kind of the opposite to the issue you are looking at, I know, but I’ll get round to looking at it eventually.

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I spoke too soon. The roon bridge via a macbook pro worked briefly but now it will not group the Oppo 205 with the Monitor Audio S200.
I will reboot the speaker yet again…but sofa…nothing.