Linn akurate DS as Roon Player

Hi Guys,
I,ve some doubts about the compatibility of Linn akurate DS and Roon.
In “Roon Ready Network Player” partner list this device is not mentionet but, reading various topics in this forum, seams that, since the last update, also these devices are supported.

Could you please confirm if i can use a Linn akurate DS as Roon Player?

Just to explain what i whant to do, i would use my QNAP NAS as Roon Core and the akurate DS as Roon Player directly connected to my amplyfier.

Is it possibile?

Many thanks


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I just instaled the latest firmware for the same Linn for a friend. And then the Roon setup in his house. Works perfect!

Hi Roony, thanks for reply.
Just to be sure, I’m talking about Akurate DS/1, not the new one.

Do you know if the latest firmware is compatible also for this version?

This was the same type. Just download and install the Konfig software from the Linn website. Open the software, and in the same network he will find the streamer. Click on update, that’s it.

Looking to buy a akkurate ds. Right now I have Roon core on a asus Pc. It seems to me that playing through the akkurate gives a better sound. Would I have to have Roon core on my Pc or could I just use the akkurate without the core. Not sure how this works…

Hi Jonas, please give this a read:

You will need to have a core running.

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I recently upgraded my Akurate DS/1 to DS/3 (with Katalyst DAC). To my surprise ADS/3 now supports native DSD64 and DSD128 playback. DSD256 is not supported. DSD playback with Roon worked right away.

For more detailed information refert to

Just to answer the first part about Roon compatibility: no single Linn device is Roon Ready and according to Linn they have no plans to do so.

Simple reason: to gain Roon Ready certification a vendors must license and implement Roon RAAT streaming protocol in his device. RAAT is closed source and Linn has a policy/dna/vision of only using open source. That prevents them to add Roon RAAT and other protocols (Airplay 2) to any DS device.

The reason your Linn works at all in Roon is because the Roonlabs devs implemented the Linn protocol (Openhome) inside the Roon software in order to gain compatibility with one of the (back then) major vendors of streamers.

While this is great, being not Roon Ready means that you will not be able to setup multiroom streaming between any Linn and any other Roon Ready device (using the Raat protocol).

I wanted to buy a Linn. But due to lack of Roon Ready and Airplay 2 I have decided against it. In my opinion Linn is absolutely great at hardware design but are failing with their software strategy.


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Hi Moly,

I agree to you statement until the last two sentence. I use Linn components (currently a Akurate DSM & Klimax 350a) for more the ten years. I like the simplicity of the usage and the reduction of a lot of gear like amp, DAC, etc.

Even Apple works fine for me, I’ll stream sometimes my iPad over the Akurate and my TV.

I think Linn has a strict policy that might be sometimes a downside to flexibility, but in a protected system you face other advantages.

Only my two cents.


I use Linn streaming devices also over ten years, and now so happy with Roon. As there are five devices from Linn now, their multiroom mode is easy and best implemented. You easily switch other devices onto any master device on- and off for perfect sync, even with PCs output.
Additionally, you have other inputs in sync like TV or DVD player. As there is a huge second hand market, Linn is affordable. The company offers upgrades even for an old device of ten years age.

I agree with all you wrote Tom. I guess there is no right or wrong, just advantages or disadvantages for any route you take.

For me, roon ready (with raat) is very important as I want to use Roon and at the same time I consider gear changing and testing a hobby. So locking in to a single vendor is just totally unfunny. Linn has great gear for sure. But then there are so many others that do also.


Agree with all Uwe.

I just wanted to point out that since Linn is not Roon ready, there are constraints on mixing with other devices.

When looking for gear, you will not usually get this information from a dealer. And not everyone has the skills to understand the implications of missing Roon Ready.

So I guess it is at least something that can be shared. If vendor lockin is ok, or multiroom not so important, then just go for Linn. Sure great sound and the upgrade policy is really great as you mentioned already

Hi Moly,

Fine for me - it’s interesting to have different opinions on those things. I think otherwise we would use all the same gear and had no fun exchanging arguments :wink:


Hello all. This might be more of a pc/Mac question, but could this set up work…?