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What happened with the old Linn Forum? The link in my bookmarks doesn’t work anymore.
I Can find this:

But not so good as the old one, difficult to find last posts and less threads.


Linn decided that they didn’t want the responsibility of moderating the forum and took the decision to close it down, to the disappointment of the vast majority of Linn Forum members. It hasn’t existed for several years now.

HiFi Wigwam is a totally different forum, although I believe some former Linn Forum members do post there.

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As @hmack says - it’s long gone. I think the forum on Linn’s site became somewhat out of control, and if Linn hadn’t done anything it would have appeared they were implicitly approving of some of the madder posts, and that wouldn’t have reflected well on the company.
I understand the decision but at the same time bemoan the loss of a fair bit of information there. The forum moved to the 'Wam after the owners there had discussions with Linn, and as hmack says, there are quite a few of the orginial members there (including me - MickC!).


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Have Linn progressed from fountain pen and paper flat lines then?

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Nope. They’ve only recently figured out how to make their streamers play DSD. And they don’t know what MQA is… :wink:


And that’s a bad thing?:wink:


There’s nothing to discuss. Get your Klimax Organik DSM and call it a day :laughing: I did, anyway…

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But does it measure as well as 150€ Topping? :clown_face: