Linn Majik DSM hanging

I used Konfig to setup my DSM and one analog source is an A/V receiver principally used when watching TV. Roon seems to have assigned itself as a source in Konfig and when I launch Roon it takes over the DMS and does it’s thing with no issues. When I stop playback and want to switch to say, phono, the DMS appears be hung still showing the A/V receiver as the active source.I can’t change the source either with the remote or on the box itself. The only way to change the source is to reboot the DSM. My Core is on an SSD in my Mac Pro and running on a wired connection to the DSM, but I don’t see how that is relevant.

Hi Reg,

I have a Linn Akurate DSM and have found that when trying switching the source from Roon, it seems like Roon likes to take control back occasionally. Switching from Roon to TV often hiccups and results in no audio from the TV source. I’ve found that switching to the Linn Playlist and then back to TV usually works.

Is this what you are experiencing?
Or will the source simply refuse to switch (I.e., controls are frozen)?

Have you made sure your Linn firmware is up to date?

Hi Brett- Thanks for getting back so quickly. And thanks for the reminder on the firmware. I was behind.

I discovered that when Roon installed itself as a source it did not check the visible box in Konfig which I have now done. That may make things a little clearer as to what is happening.

Right now, once the DSM freezes the remote is dead and I can’t change the source even at the box itself. I will try your idea of playing a Linn playlist (I assume from with Roon) and see if that does the trick.

Hmmm…mine definitely doesn’t freeze. Also, I don’t have to play anything through the playlist…I just need to switch to it via the remote and then back to the TV…

If the firmware didn’t help…then I’m out of ideas.

It only freezes after using Roon? Full power off (via switch) is the only way to recover…sleep doesn’t recover it?

Hopefully one of the Roon folk will chime in.

I didn’t get a chance to explore further last night but you’ve given me some good ideas to explore further. Thanks.

I don’t want to declare victory too early but with almost a week now without a recurrence it appears that the firmware upgrade solved the problem. Pretty embarrassing as I am the sort of guy who generally accepts updates, sometimes to my chagrin.