Linn Selekt DSM Surround - No DSD sound

Just to inform you.

Currently Linn Selekt DSM Surround wont play any DSD music/files. No sound at all.

Linn has been informed about the problem.


it is resolved? Does Selekt DSM 5.1 play multichannel DSD or PCM with Roon over RAAT or only HDMI?

Yes - the placement of the cartridges has been changed. No it play DSD128.

And yes it plays multichannel.


Thanks for reply Torben. I want to believe as I am looking for a smart DSD multichannel solution without compromises. Are You sure? The Selekt does play multichannel DSD and PCM not only over HDMI but over network (Roon Ready) too?

Linn Selekt DSM is NOT Roon Ready - it is Roon Tested.

I only play DSD over Ethernet not HDMI - So I can’t say.


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