Linn Sneaky DS?

Is Linn Sneaky DS a sensible choice for a Roon endpoint in 2021? I might be able to pick one up reasonably cheaply…

Perhaps nobody uses Linn Sneaky DS?

I am using a Linn Sneaky. Works perfectly with Roon. No issues so far.

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Thanks, Michael. Am I right in thinking it has an internal DAC? No need for additional DAC?

Hi @Dafydd_Waters, I sure do use more than one Sneaky. Ya, they are perfect players even in this year and age. Only recently bought another used one. Always depends what you want to use them for. My minor rooms have a Sneaky. the larger a Klimax setup.

You get used ones reasonably priced.

NB: No DAC needed, just to clarify


It has an internal DAC based on a Wolfson Chip. Sneaky was their first streamer some 10 years ago.

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Sneaky was their first streamer some 10 years ago

I wasn’t aware that the Sneaky is that old. The more I am impressed that it still receives software updates.

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Sneaky was introduced in March 2008, so just getting 13 years old :blush: “Age” doesnt mean anything for Linn Products. There are 40 year old LP12’ turntables still running like on day one. They are none of those made-to-break-after-two-years junk

And while they officially ended production in 2017, they are of course still supported by regular firmware updates. You’ll be safe here. They run smoothly with Roon


Thanks all. I know that they have an amp built in, but can you use them with a fixed line out to an integrated amp, bypassing the internal amp?

Yes, you can set all that up in Linn Konfig, deactivate the internal Amp or vice versa

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The Sneaky is an excellent piece of kit. It was the first Linn DS I bought all those years ago. The Klimax DS was the first DS Linn made (however I couldn’t afford one of those then) but the Sneaky came along very soon afterwards, so I jumped. I only used it as a source, never with the internal amp, but I’ve heard one running a pair of bookshelf 'speakers and it was a good setup.



Thanks for this. I pressed go and I’ve cleared a space on my audio rack and I’m waiting impatiently for UPS to knock on the door…

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Updated, konfigured and streaming via Roon in about 20 minutes. Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, why did it take that long? :wink:

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All I‘d say is to check how you like the „plain“ Linn sound instead of that leveling „enhancement“. Imho its the opposite of an „enhancement“, so maybe worth playing a bit around with :yum: