Linn Songcast: DIsconnection in exclusive mode

While I wait for Roon and Linn to get over their technical standoff and integrate properly (please do so!!) I am running Roon on Mac -> Linn Songcast -> Klimax DS and Exakt speakers.

It works OK but I tried setting Roon to Exclusive Mode (as suggested in Roon’s documentation) and now when Roon finishes its playlist, it disconnects from Songcast:

  • the Linn system powers off (the relays in the Exakt speakers click)
  • Roon thinks it is playing but no sound
  • to restore sound I have to re-select “Listen to music on…” on the Mac’s Songcast control and/or press pause/play on the Linn control point (Kazoo).
    If I have Roon’s Radio turned on, it still disconnects from Songcast at the end of the playlist (so the radio never plays).

Any thoughts as to why this is happening? And do I need Exclusive Mode (if not, the signal goes through the OSX sound mixer - does this make a difference in practice)?

For now I’ve reverted to non-exclusive mode and it performs OK (only occasionally needing me to go in to the control point and press pause/play).