Linn Space Optimisation vs Roon DSP

As far as I know, Roon DSP just does upsampling, plus some DIY equalizers & filters, whereas Linn SO does a lot more (please see

Not sure if it is possible for Roon to be able to do the same or better than Linn in this respect? However, I would like some sort of more advanced DSP algorithm from Roon.

The linn systems look interesting, but unless they already have a precise all axis acoustic model of the specific speakers you are using, then fundamentally it cant really do anything hugely different to what Roon can do with professionally created convolution filter, or dirac live can do etc.

Maybe their algorithms and analysis and subsequent DSP is better is some ways (or not), but in the end, it is still stuck with the same measuring limitations unless they are willing to cart your speakers off to an anechoic chamber to carry out some lengthy and expensive measurement around each axis and some complex subsequent analysis that can also be used as part of the final correction.

That’s why Linn only supports Space Optimization with their own speakers and some others they have measured in their lab and specify on their site.


Yes, you are correct. However, I think Linn SO is smarter than this, it allows you to set both ideal and practical positions of your speakers.

Yes, I’ve just gone through Linn SO for my new Klimax system, very familiar with ideal vs practical :slight_smile:

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My bad - didn’t read far enough down the Linn page :slight_smile:

Looks a lot more interesting in that case.