Linn Streamer won't sleep if Roon playback is still active


recently I noticed behaviour which is new to me.

I am listening to music using my Linn Akurate DS. Roon Remote is active on my tablet. I am shutting down my amp and my Linn streamer using my Logitech Harmony Remote. Amp shuts down. Linn ADS goes to sleep. Linn ADS wakes up again and continues playback of the active title.

If I stop playback via Roon Remote before shutting down my equipment the Linn ADS stays in sleep mode. As far as I can remember this was the way it always has been. In never had to stop playback on the Roon Remote.

Anyone experiencing this as well ?

I have just had a very similar problem. My core is a Nucleus + and have Roon Remote on a variety of devices (iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone). The other night, no matter what I did, my Klimax DSM would keep on restarting after being put to sleep. The only way to stop this was a hard power off on the Klimax DSM.

I checked yesterday if the problem was still there and it was not.

If I shut down the equipment although playback was still active in Roon, I now get a “transport lost control…” message in the Roon Remote and the equipment stays off as it should be.

Since my first post there have been updates of both Roon and Linn Davaar.

I had the same problem.

With the Logitech harmony remote, my solution was to add a pause command in the appropriate
activity shutdown commands panel.

With another remote (Linn) just press the pause button before switch off the Linn.

Hope it help, if a little late …