Linux devices as a core!

Can someone please give me some suggestions on a Linux core streamplayer.

Could you elaborate, are you looking to build a Linux based Roon Core (Roon Server) or a Linux based Roon Endpoint (Roon Bridge), or both?

I will be deploying a Linux-based Roon Server headless on an Intel i3 dual core 2.7GHz/8GB Ram next week. The i3 is a full blow chip not the mobile chips found in NUCs and Mac Minis. I will be mounting my data using NFS from my NAS.

You’d be better off opting for an i5 cpu … 4 cores. That said I’m running Roon Server on an i3 on Arch Linux, 16GB ram, Roon’s database on a SSD. I’m running Roon Bridge on Arch Linux on Wandboard Quad’s and also on Celeron based NUCs.

Is your i5 a NUC or a desktop processor?

I’m running Roon Server on an i3 in an axis z87i-pro board. My NUCs are 64 bit Celeron … No i5 in my setup, albeit a 4 core processor would yield better performance for a large collection.

I’m currently running on a Mac Pro with 8-Core Xeon 2.8GHz. When I’ve watched the performance meters, I’ve never seen Roon use more than two threads or move a CPU meter higher than about 30%. I have about 3500 albums and only run one or two zones at a time. I figure that the i3, which has similar cores, should run using about the same resources or a little more. Linux should be about the same overhead as OS-X (BSD-based).

It’ll more than suffice with 3500 albums.

I am looking for a Linux roon endpoint device.

Wandboard Quad, Intel NUC, Cubox-I … Basically any 64 bit Intel or armv7 device with the outputs your DAC needs.

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