Linux vs Windows vs OSX

Now Linux is available where does the hierarchy between running Linux, Windows and OSX on a headless RoonServer stand in terms of speed.

Thinking of switching from my Mac Mini to a dedicated NUC.

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Roon running on the sonicTransporter (Linux) seems faster then on Windows.

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@agillis It would be helpful if you revealed more about the specs of the sonicTransporter and how much you are willing and able to customize it, i.e. adding an internal HD to the SSD for local storage with backup possibilities, etc.

Given the spec of your MacMini [QC i7 plus 16Gb Ram plus 256Gb SSD], then IMHO you will NOT exceed the performance available from that when using Roon {either the Core or Headless / Server version] on a NUC with either Linux or Windows

Any performance differences between OSX, Linux and Windows would be minimal when using similar hardware…and that is even more true when using RoonServer, as it doesn’t require a lot of resources…and my comments are based on using several machines which allow me to boot into several different OS’s [and versions thereof] for work related reasons…UI differences and ease of familiarity and use are far more pronounced in 2016 than any remaining ‘performance’ differences between the different OS’s

Roon will utilize RAM and SSD…but you already have both on your MacMini…maybe a bigger drive with more available space is the way to go

I’m running Roon using Debian on one thread of a dual core i3 (four threads available, 2/core) with 2GB of assigned RAM. I have streamed to four endpoints without any issues at all. Your i7 should be close to idling when running Roon. You already have an SSD, so you should not have any issues at all.

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I agree… even though the .NET framework is faster on Windows, Roon Server on Linux feels faster. My guess is less overhead is possible in a trimmed OS… all the guys running Windows Server 2012 would go nuts running Linux.

Windows 10 :: Windows Server 2012 :: Linux
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We can customize the sonicTransporter for any size music collection. I just sold one with an i7 and 8GB of RAM for a customer with a 10TB+ music collection.

With the sonicTransporter you don’t have to worry about OS updates or any of the administration you need on a Windows or OSX box. Roon Server is always running and “just works”. Also the cost of a sonicTransporter is much lower then a similarly equipped MAC or PC.

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I used WS 2012 until the minute you released the Linux build. Never looked back, and I agree, Roon running on Linux feels faster.

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Probably not fair, but my working server (OS X on a Quad i7/SSD) definitely feels faster than my Linux testing server (Dual i3/SSD). I tend to believe that no matter the OS, oversizing counts. :slight_smile:


It is demonstrably faster. Absolutely no question.


Is SonicTransporter available in the UK at all please?

The one advantage of Linux over OSX or Win7/10 (I run all 3 in various guises) is that you can build a system that does just exactly what you need with nothing that is superfluous to requirements

Plus it’s cheaper (free in fact)

Having said that the requirements of all Roon software are so low that on modern kit it is very easy to overspec and reduce the differences between OSs to negligible levels

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Yes, we ship the sonicTransporter worldwide.

I am using my macmini with a arch linux… works fine and I save money in order a new NUC