Linux Wish List

Ok, cool.

Still it says the official packages will run it as root, so running as root is and will be the default. I understand that it makes installation simpler, but it’s not a nice way to go about things.

Lets see if I feel like tweaking some day. I’m on the second day of my 14 day trial so I still need to learn enough about the functionality to see whether this is worth the lifetime membership. The price is steep, but I see no point in going for the annual either.

@Janne_Johansson – there are too many variations and distributions for us to maintain a generic non-root setup. We also expect our Linux users to be able to get around Linux and modify the startup as they wish. We don’t have a desire to play favorites amongst distributions.

The “easy installer” is the only thing that forces root upon you, and it is completely optional.

Yeah, I used the easy install to get things going fast. It wasn’t called easy install for nothing :slight_smile:

I couldn’t resist the urge to change things and I just modified the installation made by easy install to run as a dedicated user ‘roon’. The mount privileges took a few tries since I didn’t immediately realise you were using mount.cifs to mount smb/cifs volumes. I tried smbclient and plain old mount first.

Anyways, now things work more or less to my liking in the background as well. Thanks a lot.

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I’ve modified the page to mention that we use mount.cifs to do the mounting.

Glad you got it all good quickly… as I said, it’s not hard… just really tweaky in the techniques to pull it off.

Thank you danny, by that time hopefully core i5 barebones with passive cooling will be available (i’m awaiting such machine for few years already, hopefully this is the last one) :wink:

My two cents : There are numerous options for running an Intel NUC with passive cooling with and i5 today. I have been using a bare one with passive calling and i5 since 2013. I’ve bought mine at

I have rebooted a couple of times but that’s about it so it must be running for almost three years non stop.

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Hi @danny, will the forced rescan of a watched folder be included in the initial release of the Roon API?

It is the missing link in a near real time refresh of a remote file share (i.e. NAS). Restarting the Roon service is a bit too brute force.