Linux Wish List

In order to automate management of Roon on Linux I would like to see:

  1. Start up and Stop of Roon via RC scripts rather than a service as an option.
  2. Rescan of folders launched from a command line or at a regular interval
  3. Support for symbollic links in setting up watched and, especially, iTunes folders
  4. Command line backup (eliminates the need for #1)

If you system doesn’t support systemd, then the installer tool does indeed create rc scripts.

Roon 1.3 will have an API, we can add this to it.

Is there a problem with symlinks now?

in-app backups are coming… we meant to get them into 1.2, but the feature required more testing, and we didn’t want to hold up the 1.2 release any longer.

Roon installed using systemd. I haven’t used it before but will go through the man pages.

That’s because your system already had systemd. We didn’t do that to your system, we just fit in properly based on what you already were running.

systemctl start/stop/restart roonserver.service

It was a fresh install, I’m an old Solaris guy so was expecting things in the rc scripts. :wink:

Thanks, you saved me a bit of reading.

“Roon 1.3 will have an API…”

That’s awesome news! So I can safely conclude that this API will be open?


Brian spoke here about how there would be DIY access to the API.

So cool. I see opportunities for a simple Chrome extension :slight_smile:

Cool! Can you hint in general at what functions/features might be included, and what sorts of things the user community might be able to add to the Roon ecosystem?


(edit: apologies, must learn to read the whole topic before posting, I see this has been said already)

Dedicated Roon .qpkg installer for QNAP would be on my wishlist.

I’d like to see a QNAP package too. Right now I have my music on the QNAP but am running the server on a Windows machine that’s always on.

+1 for QNAP package… which can run on TS-869PRO (Atom D2701)

I would not mind this either as I have the same exact NAS.

But what I’d really like to see is Roon software running without root privileges. Running as root just to play audio just feels wrong.

@Janne_Johansson – you can already run as non-root – it just requires work that differs from distribution to distribution.

We describe what is needed here:

Search for “You are free to run Roon Server/Roon Bridge under other user accounts” – what is needed is listed there. Many Roon members already do this.

yes, it will be open, documented, and publicly available.


you will be able to do this, but I wouldn’t… so slow.

@danny thanks. i am already running the core inside the docker container on even slower Atom D330 with 3GB ram and SSD Ubuntu-14.04 . Library has about 70k tracks and it runs quite well except search which takes 10-15seconds to finish (any optimization possible in this area?) and metadata scan which took whole week (gigabit lan, NFS).
It seems either Roon core or docker is not using all cpu cores efficiently as there is only one core in average utilized.

the other cores are mostly used when you play audio… we don’t want bookkeeping to interfere with playback.

yah, the search is pretty brutal on that machine and we will improve it, but the improvements will up ram requirements.

I personally find any experience longer than 100-200ms responses to be unacceptable… but if you can live with it, it will work fine for now. In the future however, we will continue to demand more CPU/RAM as the product improves.